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Community Strategic Plan (CSP) - Volume I - School Years 2013/14 - 2017/18
Community Strategic Plan (CSP)
Volume I - School Years 2013/14 - 2017/18
DoDEA GradeSpeed - Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students
DoDEA GradeSpeed
Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students

Principal's Corner

Back to School Message SY 2013/2014

Dear Parents, community members, and visiting website users:

Welcome to Freddie Stowers Elementary School. A school committed to the excellence of education through best practice and compassionate, dedicated teachers striving to help EVERY student reach their potential.

The faculty and staff join me in extending a warm welcome to all of our new, and returning families. This school year promises to be one of the most exciting school year ever as we develop the most progressive and positive educational program possible for our students.

In the spring of this school year, we will have an outside team of specialists visit Stowers for the purpose of accrediting our school.  They will review our educational practices, communication skills used to keep our families informed, the overall climate of the school, the confidence level of our community in what we do, as well as our vision to keep strong educational practices in the forefront of all we do here at Stowers.  As in the past and forever in the future, we will continue to send regular and frequent invitations for you to become as involved in what we do at Stowers as often as your busy schedule permits.  We want the visiting team to see the depth of the commitment of the community that surrounds our Stowers school.  We want all who visit us to appreciate the dedication and efforts that our parents and military partners put into our school to help it be the wonderful and successful school it is. 

We have a new start time this year of 9:00 AM.  With this new start time comes an outstanding opportunity for our teachers.  Each day a group of grade level teachers and specialists will have an opportunity to meet and discuss critical educational topics to help focus attention on lessons, programs, assessment data, etc. to allow them time to critique and look for ways of improving student academic performance.  Research shows that through strong collaboration and team work, student performance is enhanced significantly.  

There are four critical things you can do to help your child succeed.

  • First, find out what your child is expected to learn in his/her current grade.  You can do this by familiarizing yourself with the standards that will be taught this year.  The standards can be accessed by visiting the DoDEA Curriculum pages or the Parent Guides to the DoDEA Curriculum.  Talk to your child's teacher frequently to find out how your child is progressing toward meeting the standards for his/her grade.
  • Secondly, (and with great importance), please make sure your child attends school every day, providing he/she is not too ill to attend.  Children who arrive to school on time every day learn more and experience more success.  Poor student attendance goes hand in hand with poor student achievement.  We started reviewing our attendance data last year when we noticed excessive absences and tardiness among many of our students.  We have a directive from HQ to monitor attendance data even more closely this year.
  • Third, know what homework has been assigned to your child every night and help ensure that it is completed.  Homework is an opportunity for students to practice skills that have already been taught, work on projects, and study for upcoming tests.  The earlier you can instill the habit of setting aside a specific time each afternoon/evening to study the more engrained it becomes for later years in school.  This life skill sets the stage for success throughout your child's educational career.
  • Fourth, it is so important for children to read and/or to be read to by an adult daily.  Reading is a critical life skill that must be given priority at school and at home.  Reading improves reading fluency, enhances vocabulary, and broadens awareness.  Reading only improves through practice.  

There is no doubt that when home and school work together, we can make a difference in our children's education, and ultimately their lives.  Let us all make the commitment to give our children our very best.  Please know I am honored to serve you and your children at Stowers Elementary School!  Thank you for this opportunity.


Scott L. Sterry
Principal, Stowers Elementary


Principal, Mr. Scott Sterry

Phone: 706-544-2312  

Scott Sterry

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Assistant Principal, Ms. Sharon McGourty 

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Asst. Principal, Sharon McGourty

Our Vision

Academic Excellence, Responsible Citizenship, Future Ready

Our Mission

Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

School Improvement Goals

Goal 1:

All students will improve their written communication skills across the curriculum.
Essence: The essence of this statement is that students will be able to express ideas clearly and effectively in writing.

Goal 2:

All students will improve in math problem solving and reasoning.
Essence: The essence of this statement is that students will be able to solve problems applying strategies to demonstrate and communicate mathematical thinking.