North Carolina District

Superintendent: Dr. Emily Marsh
Assistant Superintendent for Fort Bragg: 
     Mr. Dennis Rozzi
  • 910-907-0200
Education Operations Manager:
     Mr. Mike Thornburg
  • 910-907-0200
District Supt. Office Address:
  • Bldg 4865 Knox Street
  • Fort Bragg, NC 28307


Assistant Superintendent for Camp Lejeune: 
     Dr. Harriet Hunter-Boykin

Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools
Asst District Supt Office Address:

       855 Stone Street
       Camp Lejeune, NC 28547

 The North Carolina District is made up of DDESS schools located on the military installations of:

Fort Bragg 

Camp Lejeune

MCAS New River (a part of Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools)

The North Carolina District provides a world-class educational program that inspires and prepares all their students for success in a dynamic global environment.

The District Superintendent's Office (DSO) is located on the Fort Bragg installation. An Assistant Superintendent's Office is located on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.


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