GA/AL District

Superintendent: Mrs. Lois Rapp
Assistant Superintendent: Dr. Sue Burdick
Education Operations Manager:
DSO Address:
  • 7441 Custer Road, Bldg 2670
  • Fort Benning, GA 31905-4300

Need something like a welcome back to school message or "state of our district" message for this space. 

This page should be updated, at a minimum, quarterly.  This is the Superintendent's space to communicate and connect directly with their district and communities.  It is a DISTRICT page so make sure the content doesn't just focus on one community.  You can have community specific information but all communities should be included.  For example you could have an overall intro addressing the district and then have community sections.

Camp Lejeune Schools

Highlights of what's happening at Camp Lejeune. . .

Fort Bragg Schools

Congratulations to Fort Bragg schools for doing something . . .


This is a great place to talk about school improvement or to use it like a superintendent's newsletter