Emergency Procedures

Each school has emergency action plans developed in conjunction with the appropriate installation plans.  These plans are exercised throughout the year both within the school, and as part of the installation’s exercise plans.

Weather Notifications

Camp Lejeune

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Fort Bragg

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DoDEA schools do not tolerate bullying in any form. Students who engage in willful acts that cause physical or emotional harm to other students, or vandalize personal property to intimidate will face suspension.

Harassment of all types is a form of bullying and will be subject to immediate school level consequences. Sexual harassment includes verbal, non-verbal, and physical contact – all will receive equal disciplinary consequences.

Gang-like activities, such as vandalism and bullying are a community problem, a problem of the unit, the garrison, the parents, and the schools. DDESS Guam, as part of that community, will work with installation agencies and units to help ensure coordinated actions are in place. Within DDESS Guam schools, vandalism, bullying or any other gang-like activities are not tolerated. Any form of initiation, assault, or bullying, may result in suspension for those participating. Military communities fully support our discipline actions.

Gang related behavior includes; joining a fight in progress, making threats on behalf of another person or group, and intimidation using a group threat. This list is not all-inclusive. Students engaged in gang-related behavior can expect suspension or expulsion depending on the nature and severity of the offense.

First Offense: Conference/Detention
Second Offense: Detention/Suspension
Third Offense: Suspension