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As a fully accredited virtual learning program, the DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS) offers flexibility for DoDEA secondary students to meet academic and career goals through enrollment in courses to supplement local school offerings or to earn a diploma through a fulltime option for students enrolled through the Non DoD School Program (NDSP). The DoDEA Virtual High School offered diplomas to its first graduates in June 2012. Pilots to extend DoDEA’s Virtual School Program are also planned for blended delivery of elementary and middle school course offerings in spring 2013.

In School Year 2012-13, DVHS will offer approximately 60 courses, including 18 Advanced Placement, and 42 core curriculum courses designed to meet all DoDEA graduation requirements. To make course requests, DoDEA secondary students may register through their local DoDEA schools or Area Non DoD School Program (NDSP) Office. For more information about the program or to contact DoDEA Virtual School Program staff, please see the website at


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