Humphreys Central ES

Student Activities

HCES offers these clubs for students to participate in:

Homework Club

Sponsored by Mr. T, Homework Club meets Mondays 2:25-3:25 PM and provides learning support and homework assistance for students in grades 3 through 5. A signed permission slip is needed to attend the Monday meetings.

peopleIcon Grades 3-5 
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Math Counts Club

Members will explore math topics and strategies in depth and will practice applying these skills by working through Mathcounts problems.

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Music Club

The music club is open to students in grades 1 and 2 who wish to develop skills in performing, analyzing and creating music. Each student will develop a project to demonstrate skills pertaining to school wide goals in writing and math. There will be two groups. Students may sign up for only one group.

Parents must pay approximately $6.00 for a soprano recorder.

peopleIcon First and Second Grade Students 
emailIcon 315-754-9339      
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R/C Helicopter Club

 The R/C Helicopter club is a STEM based acticity that teaches students about the basic principals of flight and the history of helicopters through flying radio controlled model helicopters. Students will be required to have a R/C helicopter to participate. If the student does not already have a R/C helicopter one may be purchased at the base PX.  

peopleIcon Fourth and Fifth Grade Students 
emailIcon 315-754-9399      
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School Newspaper

 The student newpaper allows students to write articles for, an publish a monthly school newspaper. Students learn about journalism and  desktop publishing all while working work with the "Editor" to come up with news stories.  

peopleIcon Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Students 
emailIcon 315-754-9390      
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Student Council

The Elementary Student Council offers 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students the opportunity to actively participate in school wide initiatives, lend their hands to community causes, and see democracy in action. While representing HCES, student leaders gain responsibility, increased pride in their school and an overall awareness of events at a local and/or global level. Class representatives, along with school officers, are held to high academic and citizenship levels. 

peopleIcon Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 
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