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Volunteer at HCES

HCES is always looking for great volunteers.


You must apply to become a volunteer with HCES by registering online with the Volunteer Management Information System (VIMS). To create your account download this helpful Step by step instruction sheet: VIMS Instructions


Download the Volunteer Packet, print it out, fill in all the forms, sign it and return it to the Main ACS Building 311, 
ATTN: Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator Mon-Fri, 0800-1700. Click here for the Volunteer Packet 


The ACS Coordinator will process your paperwork and verify your account in VIMS. The results of the background check and application will be given to the HCES OPAC (organization point of contact). The OPAC will review the background check and contact your references. Then based upon the background and references check the OPAC will contact you regarding how to get started volunteering at HCES. 

HCES OPAC can be reached at 315-754-9310 

School Advisory Committee 

Humphreys Central Elementary School Advisory Committee (SAC) is comprised of four (4) voting members: Two parents and two teachers elected by the parents and teachers. In addition, the school principal, teachers’ union representative, and the installation commander (or designee) serves as liaison members of the committee. The purpose of this committee is to “provide a two-way communication between community and the school". Minutes of the committee are shared with the community. Other links with the community will be established to ensure that all groups with an interest in the education program will have an opportunity for input. The SAC is responsible for advising the principal on matters affecting the operation of the school.

In addition to the SAC the School Liaison Officer facilitates a relationship that allows for the timely flow of pertinent information between the installation and local school community to create opportunities for student success. 

The School Liaison Officer: 

Jonathan DeLong

Phone: 753-8274

School Advisory Committee Approved Meeting Minutes

November 2013 SAC Meeting Minutes

December 2013 SAC Meeting Minutes

January 2014 SAC Meeting Minutes

HCES - Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)

The PTSO meets montly to support the students and teachers of HCES. Contact the PTSO for more information at: