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2011 American Education Week

Director's Message
Ms. Marilee Fitzgerald DoDEA Director

Ms. Marilee Fitzgerald,
DoDEA Director

From November 13-19, DoDEA will join school districts across the nation in celebrating American Education Week. This year's theme is, "Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility." This celebration highlights the importance of providing every child in America with a quality public education, and the need for everyone to participate in making public schools great.

Great schools are the result of the commitment, dedication, and perseverance of educators, school staff, parents, students and communities. American Education Week spotlights and pays tribute to many people of different backgrounds coming together in a unified effort and contributing their time and talent to build the best schools. Nowhere is this cooperation more evident than in our DoDEA schools. Our school communities are comprised of families from every military service, teachers, administrators and staff members from all over the United States and the globe, and buildings that stand in nearly every time zone across the world.

Every child deserves a great school. Great schools extend beyond the boundaries of military installations. DoDEA's collaboration with public schools that educate military-connected children is a partnership focused on making sure all students have an opportunity to learn, grow, prosper, and achieve to their highest potential. Regardless of where they attend school, military children enrich the lives of others and infuse an energy and spirit that is invigorating and inspiring.

It takes teamwork - amongst educators, families and the entire community - to keep our DoD schools strong, and great schools benefit everyone. I encourage you to take time during this special celebration and come together as a school community to identify and work on a project at your school that is an enduring sign of teamwork and commitment among students, teachers, administrators, staff, and military community members. Take action to make your school a "Great School." Investments in great schools build strong military communities. It's not the type or size of project that counts - it's the process of collaboration and cooperation that will turn even the smallest of ideas into the greatest realities. Our schools are not only great during American Education Week - they are great every single day of the year.

DoDEA takes pride in great schools and through American Education Week, we celebrate DoDEA's education tradition and contribution to our nation's military. There is no greater calling than contributing to the future of our country by educating our children, and no greater opportunity than serving those military and civilian families who sacrifice so much in the name of freedom. During this special week -- and every week -- we need to remember our responsibility to provide every child with a quality education. Let's celebrate this week by making new beginnings in our schools.

Thank you for everything you do during this special week and every week for our students, families, military communities and our nation. I look forward to hearing about your activities, events, and projects. Go out and make your school a "Great School!"