Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10, 2013


DoDEA is joining schools around the country along with National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in recognizing the nation's teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

During the week of May 6-10 students, parents and all citizens can show their appreciation for the caring, dedication and professional attitudes teachers display each day. Worldwide, DoDEA Schools will honor thousands of teachers serving military students and families.

To assist in commemorating this important event, we've developed and compiled resources using National PTA and NEA assistance to help celebrate and recognize our teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week. Read on to find:

Teacher with students to do work

  • Ideas for Activities and Events 
  • Helpful Websites for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week 
  • A Downloadable Poster 
  • An online Teacher Thank You Card. 
  • Ideas to “Thank a Teacher”

This celebration provides a wonderful opportunity for schools to work closely with PTAs and other community organizations to celebrate the contributions of teachers.

Ideas for Activities and Events

Teacher and students in the classroom

Consider conducting several big events (teacher breakfast or lunch) and several small events to make each day of Teacher Appreciation Week special. Here are some ideas:

Five Fun Ways to Involve Students
  • "Thank you" cards to teachers. Encourage students to make a special Thank You card at home for their teachers. Designate one day during Teacher Appreciation Week to have students "deliver" their special notes.
  • Teacher Appreciation Bouquets. Elementary students can make tissue paper flowers and attach a special note to each bloom. The flowers can be put together for a classroom bouquet to present to their teacher.
  • Teacher Appreciation Newspapers and Bulletin Boards. Have students publish a special Teacher Appreciation Newspaper, featuring articles and photos about teachers. Each student can profile a teacher, conducting interviews, writing the story, and taking the photos. Publish the newspaper as a kick-off event for Teacher Appreciation Week at your school. Students can also design a special Teacher Appreciation Week Bulletin Board in your school lobby or library that features all of the teachers and staff at your school.
  • Posters. Have the students in each class create their own posters thanking their teacher. Take a picture of each student holding his or her sign. Then, put together small photo albums of the thank-you messages for the teachers.
  • Hold a Teacher Academy Awards Ceremony. Hold a schoolwide assembly in the gymnasium, decked out with stars, a red carpet and spotlights for the occasion. Honor every teacher and staff member, from administration to teachers to janitors and cafeteria staff. Let each winner step up onto the red carpet to receive their golden apple.

Five Fun Ways to Involve Your PTA and Parents
  • Give a gift-a-day. Have the PTA organize a "Gift-a-day" for teachers during each day of Teacher Appreciation Week. Small gifts such as apples, plants, stickers, bookmarks, key chains or tea lights stacked together and wrapped in tissue paper twisted at each end to resemble a package of Lifesavers are some ideas to start.
  • Treat Carts. Ask staff members to list their favorite beverage and a snack food. Keep this information on file. During Teacher Appreciation Week, make the cart available in a break room or tour it around during the day. Throughout the year, encourage staff members to nominate their peers to be awarded "a treat break." Select one staff member each week to receive treats, and include a note explaining why he or she was nominated.
  • Send flowers. Have the PTA send a bouquet of flowers to the Teacher's Break Room at your school.
  • Host a Breakfast or Lunch. Have parents prepare a special dish for a Teacher Breakfast or Lunch. Be sure to invite the support staff and administrators as well as teachers. Make centerpieces for each table and have them serve as door prizes. Canvas the commissary, PX and local businesses to donate gift certificates or gift baskets and use them as door prizes. If space allows, invite parents, commanders, the superintendent and other community leaders to show appreciation for teachers!
  • Write a Note. Remind parents that showing appreciation doesn't have to cost money. A parent could provide a note listing the top five or ten reasons the parent and student like the teacher, or share a specific story of a time the teacher helped your child in school. Teachers love to hear a parent's perspective on how they inspire and help students achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

Websites for More Ideas:
  • The National PTA has a wealth of resources and ideas to make Teacher Appreciation Week a special event at your school. You can read about these creative ideas at: http://www.pta.org/parents/content.cfm?ItemNumber=3270 

Ideas to “Thank a Teacher”

Here are two suggested ways you can thank a teacher.

  • Send an email to a teacher or school nurse you know or have worked with and thank him/her for the work they do every day. If you don’t know a teacher, pick one randomly or write to our DoDEA Teacher of the Year (Daniele Massey) and express your gratitude.
  • If you are a Facebook user, visit our Facebook page when you finish reading this message and post a simple thank you to a teacher or to all DoDEA teachers. Tell them how proud you are to support them with your work here at HQ. If you have story to share about a DoDEA teacher, share it as a post. You can link to this page at DoDEA Facebook. From our Facebook home page, click on the "Fan Center" app next to our likes. While you are there, be sure to “like” our page as well. If you are not a Facebook user, you can still get to our Fan page and read the comments at the following link. It takes just a few seconds to post a thank you!