Veterans Day History, November 11, 2012


Message From the DoDEA Director - Veterans Day

The United States has honored veterans on the 11th of November since 1938. Initially called Armistice Day and recognizing the veterans of World War I, Congress amended the law in 1954 to change the name to Veterans Day.  

In DoDEA we are blessed with regular opportunities to recognize veterans. Many of our colleagues are veterans. I am thankful for their service both in uniform and at DoDEA. We serve a student population parented entirely by veterans. We are well aware of the challenges our children face as part of military family and are glad to be a part of their support system. Our mission to educate, engage and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world is our unspoken daily gratitude to the veterans in our community. 

There are countless ways that we can observe and celebrate Veterans Day. Take time during the holiday to attend a parade or a ceremony. Visit or make a call to a veteran. Today, we honor veterans of contemporary wars and those that came before that need more than our thanks. Consider using your CFC donation or other mechanism to financially support one of the many efforts designed to support our veterans. 

In this week of our presidential election I am mindful of and grateful for the freedom to vote that the veterans of this great nation insured. Please join me in thanking America’s veterans for their patriotism, dedication, and sacrifices.