NDSP: Re-Registration

Students attending schools on a Northern Hemisphere school calendar:


Sponsors are required to re-register their dependents with NDSP for SY 14/15 by September 1, 2014.

The update/re-registration process will be accomplished using the NDSP Sponsor Portal, a new online resource.


Re-registration/Update Process:

  1. Sponsors are required to log on and complete the update/re-registration process no later than September 1, 2014.
  2. Sponsors need to provide updated information for all dependents currently enrolled in SY 13/14.
  3. Sponsors will be able to indicate if they are PCSing during or after SY 13/14 or re-registering for SY 14/15.
  4. During the re-registration process the sponsor will be asked to provide the SY 14/15 school fee schedule, school calendar and invoice, if available. These documents are required to process payments.
  5. If re-registering for SY 14/15 and you need to add a dependent not currently registered with the NDSP, you will be redirected to the NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) system, to add the new dependent.

If you have any difficulty accessing the Sponsor Portal, please send an email to .

Students attending schools on a Southern Hemisphere school calendar:

Sponsors may begin the SY 15/16 NDSP re-registration processfor their dependents beginning October 1, 2014