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Stephanie Gross of the Office Of Federal Student Aid answers:

How affordable is a college education today? What is the Federal Student Aid Program (FAFSA) and how can it help college bound seniors and their parents?


Holly Anderson on College Admissions

Are you a student who is trying to decide about a college, trade, or technical career? How will you get there? How will you pay?


Dr. Andrew Flagel on College Admissions

How can DoDEA students and their parents prepare for college during the high school years?

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DoDEA Health and Wellness Program

With one in every three children ages 2-19 overweight or obese, the time has come for all Americans to take action...


DoDEA's Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program

Bullying is a widespread and serious problem across our nation. It's what happens when someone repeatedly hurts or threatens another person on purpose. Bullying comes in many forms—name—calling, leaving people out, spreading rumors or physically hurting someone. And it can happen in person, in writing, online, on cell phones, in school, on the bus, at home, or anywhere. It is not a normal rite of passage, it has serious consequences and it's NOT acceptable.


The DoDEA Artist Spotlight

The DoDEA Artist Spotlight is a monthly artwork challenge open to current DoDEA students held on the DoDEA Facebook fan page. Students are encouraged to submit a work of art, including photographs, digital artwork, 2D artwork, or 3D artwork, that relates to the monthly theme. for U.S. Military Families: provides round-the-clock access to professional tutors who can assist students with homework, test preparation, resume writing, and more. To see if you are eligible and register for the free, online program, go to