Fort Knox High School

RaShaan "Shaan" Allen, son of U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Crystal Danielle Singer, has been accepted to Western Kentucky University (WKU) where he plans to major in political science and minor in theater. An athlete who played baseball, football and basketball in high school, Shaan hopes to play tight end for the WKU Hilltoppers football team. Upon earning his degree from WKU, he plans to pursue a law degree at Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville in order to become a criminal defense attorney.

Shaan's mother was stationed in New Orleans as a U.S. Army recruiter when Hurricane Katrina made landfall. While his mother fulfilled her assignment in New Orleans, he went to live with relatives, changing schools six times during the next year. His mother now works for the U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) at Fort Knox so they are together again.

"Looking back over these past couple of years, life as a military child hasn't been easy: moving in the blink of an eye, adapting to new terrain and being able to defeat the odds on an everyday basis. Sacrifice is a word that every military child becomes familiar with at a very young age, whether it pertains to everyday life or in the extreme situation of deployment, but sacrifice is what makes our school so unique," he said.

On a more positive note, Shaan said, "The advantage to being a military child is you get another look at life. It makes you more social and makes it easier for you to adapt. As for the job world, you are able to relate to many different situations."

He has proven that he is social and adapts easily. He is currently serving as the Senior Class president and captain of the Varsity baseball team. Last summer he attended Boys State and was elected Governor by the participants.

Oh, and his plans to minor in theater at WKU? He said he has always wanted to be an actor.